ProScan v2.0.3

The world's most cost-effective automotive analysis solution.

ProScan is a must-have tool for any vehicle built since 1996!

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All vehicles 1996 and newer support OBD-II (On Board Diagnostics) which allows an OBD-II scan tool, such as ProScan, to access a plethora of hidden information.

ProScan is a combination of software and hardware that transforms any modern laptop or PC into a sophisticated OBD-II analysis tool for all vehicles manufactured since 1996.

You will not find more bang for your buck anywhere else! If you find a similar tool at a lower price, we'll beat it!

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Our ProScan kits include all of the hardware and software that you'll need to begin analyzing vehicles with your laptop!

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Download ProScan v2.0.3

You can download the software, but you won't be able to analyze a vehicle unless you have the required hardware and a valid serial number.

ProScan's Key Features

  • Determine the cause of a Check Engine light.
    (Instantly pinpoint the exact problem. No more guessing.)

  • Reset a Check Engine light.
    (ProScan pays for itself after the first time you reset your own trouble light!)

  • Perform your own emission tests.
    (Know beforehand if your vehicle will pass inspection.)

  • Real-time monitoring, plotting, and logging of vehicle sensors.
    (Ignition Timing, O2 Sensors, Fuel System, Air & Engine Temp, more!)

  • Generate performance statistics and print or share them online!
    (0-60MPH, 1/4 Mile ET, 1/8 Mile ET, 1000' ET, 60' ET, etc)

  • Generate dyno charts and print or share them online!
    (Plot your horsepower & torque curves for any RPM range!)

A Testimonial

I received my order in the mail... It works absolutely fabulous!!!!!

I have worked with various models of scan tools through the years, and I have to say, it is without a doubt the best bang for the buck I have ever seen!

Had a couple of little glitches to start off with, but the help menu gave me all the info I needed to quickly rectify the [communication] problems and start monitoring my car. Fantastic!

I'm really looking forward to delving into all the other options associated with the program.
Thanks for all the updates and such; nice to know your customer service is as great as your product.

Michael Smith